We are in compliance with Employment Equity standards as we are an equal opportunity employer.

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I am legally entitled to work in Canada. TransX may verify my work record and qualifications. Any false or misleading statements made by me on this application shall be just cause for my dismissal whenever such statements may be discovered. I may be required to pass a medical examination and drug test before I can be officially employed. This application was completed by me and; is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.
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In connection with your application for employment with (“Prospective Employer”), it may obtain one or more reports regarding your driving, and safety inspection history from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If the Prospective Employer uses any information it obtains from FMCSA in a decision to not hire you or to make any other adverse employment decision regarding you, the Prospective Employer will provide you with a copy of the report upon which its decision was based and a written summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act before taking any final adverse action. If any final adverse action is taken against you based upon your driving history or safety report, the Prospective Employer will notify you that the action has been taken and that the action was based in part or in whole on this report. The Prospective Employer cannot obtain background reports from FMCSA unless you consent in writing. If you agree that the Prospective Employer may obtain such background reports, please read the following and
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By signing below, I authorize (“Prospective Employer”) to access the FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening
Program (PSP) system to seek information regarding my commercial driving safety record and information regarding my safety inspection history. I understand that I am consenting to the release of safety performance information including crash data from the previous five (5) years and inspection history from the previous three (3) years. I understand and acknowledge that this release of information may assist the Prospective Employer to make a determination regarding my suitability as an employee. I further understand that neither the Prospective Employer nor the FMCSA contractor supplying the crash and safety information has the capability to correct any safety data that appears to be incorrect. I understand I may challenge the accuracy of the data by submitting a request to If I am challenging crash or inspection information reported by a State, FMCSA cannot change or correct this data. I understand my request will be forwarded by the DataQs system to the appropriate State for adjudication. I have read the above Notice Regarding Background Reports provided to me by Prospective Employer and I understand that if I sign this consent form, Prospective Employer may obtain a report of my crash and inspection history. I hereby authorize Prospective Employer and its employees, authorized agents, and/or affiliates to obtain the information authorized above.

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Additional data needed to complete the application:

  • Residency for past 3 years
  • All driver licenses held in the last 5 years
  • Estimated driving miles for various equipment classes
  • Accident records for past 3 years
  • Traffic convictions for past 3 years
  • Employment history